Official Alumni Meet 2015 at NSIT Campus on December 26, 2015 with Videos

The NSIT Alumni Association in conjunction with NSIT Administration/Institute authorities and supported by volunteers from NSIT Student's Welfare Forum organized the NSIT Alumni Meet 2015 at NSIT Campus, Dwarka.

The alumni meet included a roundtable about "Startups and Entrepreneurship" with various eminent alumni on stage, talking about their experiences in the Startup Ecosystem and in their Entrepreneurial ventures followed by a very lively question and answer session with members of the audience.

There was also a speech by NSIT director, Prof. Yogesh Singh and a very interactive and lively question-answer session with the director where various alumni asked Prof.Singh about his vision for NSIT and the future of the institute and about institute-alumni relations.

It had been originally planned to have sessions about "Women in Technology" as well as "Taking the Technology Track after NSIT" - with various other eminent alumni on-stage- but due to the director-session and the Q&A session exceeding the planned length, these sessions got cancelled by default and it was decided to let the food+connecting start.

Below are videos of the session on "Entrepreneurship and Startups" and "Speech and Q&A Session with NSIT Director".

Video of Session on "Welcome Address & Startups and Entrepreneurship" with NSIT Alumni at  NSIT Alumni Meet, December 26, 2016



Video of Speech and Q&A Session With NSIT Director Prof. Yogesh Singh at NSIT Alumni Meet, December 26, 2016